Display of sports trajectories

Dos Juegos represents an innovative approach to the analysis and study of sports performance in team sports.

What is its purpose? Dos Juegos is an experimental project that uses the analysis of sports trajectories to make better decisions during games, ultimately aiming to win matches by changing how the game is perceived. By analyzing the unique skill sets of each player, it seeks to enhance the overall performance of the team.

Context. In recent years, significant technological advancements have led to a high degree of accuracy in the physical tracking of sports events, revolutionizing the way data is collected and analyzed in real-time. For this groundbreaking experiment, we have tracked a women's basketball match.

Process. Following a comprehensive investigation, a series of tests, and research on data visualization, Dos Juegos proposes a mockup made with needles and thread which depicts the anticipated results of player tracking during a basketball game.
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At the conclusion of the match, we have compiled all the necessary data which displays the trajectory of every player during the game. As a result, we have obtained an overview of the entire match and the overall outcomes.

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